We're a collective group here at MonolithForge. Nosso exptertise envolve programar aplicações web e a indústria da aviação. We are currently focusing our efforts within the auction industry with McCurdy. We also support local and the CandleClub of Wichita.



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Encaixes caracterizados de OpenCart

PDF Wizard Basic

This PDF Wizard basic (ocmod extension) adds the ability to download invoices in PDF format on both of your admin/frontend Opencart websites. Colors and font families can be altered to match your stores design.

Bootstrap4 Theme Basic

Opencart 3 (currently) ships with Bootstrap 3. This is mostly a tech preview of Bootstrap 4 with the hopes of adaption into future Opencart releases. We love Opencart and Bootstrap and want to keep both of these beautiful pieces of software moving into the future!

< ? Adminer Themes

Here are some adminer themes that we developed and are fond of.